SCC Berlin Leichtathletik

Written by Horst Schuller, the initiator of the 100km Berlin-Staffel.

Die erste Veranstaltung:

The “100km Berlin-Staffel - 10 x 10.000m im Stadion ” (100 km relay race - 10 x 10,000m in a stadium”) is a running event, which was designed by Horst Schuller, Berlin. Organized by Horst Schuller and some of his sports friends, the first 100km Berlin-Staffel took place at the "Lipschitzallee" sports field in Berlin-Gropiusstadt on Ascension Day in 1978 (Thursday, May 4th). Due to the date, the sports event was called:


The motto was:

    LAUFEN, WEIL ES SPASS MACHT (Run to have fun)

and the idea was to organize a running event for both, professional athletes and runners with a lower performance as well as to encourage team spirit and the sense of a common bond within a sports club. Runners, usually doing their sports individually, should become a team while still remaining an individual competitor, for which the running time is measured separately. Thus an athlete’s performance could also be used for the “Spiridon Triathlon”, for example.

11 relay teams started and the event was a great success. The winner was the team of the SCC Berlin. They needed 6:04:11 hours and were setting the first world record.

The participants were very enthusiastic about this new running event and asked Horst Schuller to repeat the relay race in 1979.

Participants in the first run and contemporary witnesses:

Hans Werner Ramm - SCC Berlin
Hans Joachim Rother - SCC Berlin
Alfred Schall - Stolpertruppe / Spiridon Berlin
Siegfried Job - Stolpertruppe
Lothar Pawlak - Stolpertruppe
Sven Pawlak - Stolpertruppe
Günter Fische - Stolpertruppe / SCC Berlin
Dr. Peter Ligdas - BSC
Franz Feddema - BSC / SCC Berlin
Horst Knopf - BSC
Klaus Schmidt - IBM Club
Frank Beggerow - IBM Club
Raymond Kiebitz - Berliner Feuerwehr
Helmuth Aull - Otto-Hahn-Oberschule Neukölln)
Hartmuth Voigt - Otto-Hahn-Oberschule Neukölln / LTC Berlin

Other 100km Berlin-Staffel events:

In 1979, Horst Schuller succeeded in inviting a relay team from Switzerland. The Swiss team set a new world record: 5:39:28. On May 15th, 1980 the event was renamed because outside of Germany the name “Vatertag” (Father’s day) was unknown. The new name was:

    10 x 10 000 m im Stadion

Organising Sport Clubs:

Horst Schuller was head of the event until 1983. The LC Stolpertruppe (Internet) kept organizing the 100 km Berlin-Staffel until 2000. In 2001 the SCC Berlin (Internet) took charge of the event and is still the organiser of the 100 km Berlin-Staffel. Responsible 2001-2018 was Claus Wilutzky (Email).