SCC Berlin Leichtathletik

Interessing und Funny

Uniform speed

Two examples:

With a final spurt

Uniform speed with a final spurt

Slowing down but with a final spurt

A great finish


Running the 100km Berlin-Staffel is not always a nice experience . Two examples:

Being seized with cramps

Slowing down because of an allergy attack

Wrong number of laps

Two examples:

Additional lap: hard for the runner and increasing the team's relay time but the team will not be disqualified

One lap is missing.
The team has to be disqualified

The relay partner is missing

Funny runnings

With a stop and 400m (personal best) final spurt

Handover of the baton

Handing over of the baton was not always perfect :

Give me this!

Complicated handover

Wrong direction!!

  Let's dance